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Last Updated on January 15, 2019

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The active ingredient Ramipril is a medicine that can be treated with a high blood pressure and heart failure (heart failure). He was (now Sanofi) in 1991 in the US by Aventis patented. Since patent expiry it is contained in many medicines. In the treatment Ramipril is used either alone or in combination with other active ingredients. Children and pregnant women should not the active substance or only after consultation with the doctor taking, as can occur as a side effect of Ramipril among other growth disorders.

How Ramipril works

Ramipril is a so-called ACE-inhibitors. ACE (“Angiotensin Converting Enzyme”) is a substance that is involved in a complex system for the regulation of blood pressure. If ACE is inhibited, the body produces lower amounts of the hormone angiotensin II. This constricts blood vessels and keeps blood pressure high. It also leads in the kidneys to decreased excretion of water – and this ensures high blood pressure

Following oral administration of Ramipril, the concentration of drug in the blood rises after about an hour to its maximum value. However, the ACE inhibitor Ramipril (Ramiprilat) needs to be converted in the body only in the active form. In this form the medicament reaches its maximum blood concentration after two to four hours, and thereafter decreases again. Ramiprilat is excreted through the kidneys – after about 7 to 13 hours, half of the active ingredient is gone from the body. With regular use of face after about four days a uniformly high drug levels.

When is Ramipril applied?

The active substance Ramipril is primarily used for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension). Moreover, even with heart failure (reduced cardiac output), special kidney disease, to prevent myocardial infarction and in its follow-up. The medicine is usually applied over the long term.

How Ramipril is applied

The active substance Ramipril is. in Germany as a finished product only in the form of tablets on the market Treatment usually starts with daily small doses from 1.25 to 2.5 milligrams once. The dose is gradually increased over several weeks on the set by the doctor maintenance dose. The manufacturers offer the tablets with active ingredient amounts of 2.5, 5 and 10 milligrams, so that the individual dose is well adjusted. Because of the consistent drug levels not occur until after about four days, a regular income without regard to meals, but in each case at the same time of day is important.

Can the blood pressure alone with Ramipril do not provide adequate, recommends the guideline for blood high pressure treatment, a combination with a diuretic (dehydrating agent) and a calcium channel blocker. If the treatment is completed with Ramipril, you must not – as with other drugs – with a reinforced rise in blood pressure count (rebound effect). In consultation with the doctor, therefore Ramipril allowed to settle without you dose it tapered off.

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What are the side effects of Ramipril?

If the treatment is started at too high a dose Ramipril, may lead to an unexpectedly sharp drop in blood pressure. Therefore, the drug is dosed einschleichend. As each drug has also these drug side effects. Ramipril leads to the following frequent (at one to ten percent of patients) complaints:

  • fatigue
  • indigestion
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • rashes
  • muscle spasms and pain
  • increased blood potassium levels
  • cough

What should be considered when taking Ramipril?

Patients with impaired renal function should take a lower dose Ramipril, since they excrete the drug more slowly. In patients with impaired hepatic function the conversion takes longer in the active form, so here is expected to delayed onset of action.

The therapeutic benefits of Ramipril is occupied from the age of two years until old age. In the treatment of children, however, possible growth interference must be taken into consideration. During pregnancy and lactation Ramipril should not be taken.

Because of the side effects you need to be especially careful when Ramipril if you apply the same drugs that:

  • the potassium concentration in the blood change (eg potassium effervescent, heparin, potassium-sparing diuretics).
  • lower blood pressure (risk of excessive blood pressure drop).
  • can also change the number of blood cells (eg, Allopurinol, immunosuppressants, corticosteroids, cytostatics).
  • the mood stabilizer lithium contained.

In addition, Ramipril may increase the hypoglycemic effect of insulin and other oral antidiabetic agents. Concomitant use of NSAIDs (eg, aspirin, Diclofenac) reduces the effect of Ramipril. Patients taking the drug should avoid when pain and fever on drugs with the active ingredient acetaminophen.

How to receive medication with the drug Ramipril

Since Ramipril affects important body functions, the active ingredient in each dose is only available on prescription; it can be based only on the pharmacy.

Since when Ramipril is known?

Ramipril was (now Sanofi) in 1991 by Aventis brought pending in the US patent and upon successful completion of clinical trials to market. Patent protection has been lifted prematurely after 16 years by litigation what opened the market for other manufacturers. Since then the Ramipril drug from different manufacturers is offered as a so-called generic. Also, the original product is still on the market.

The name “ACE inhibitors of the second generation” is because Ramipril is an evolution of Captopril today also still used. It is the descendant of a substance in the venom of Bothrops jararaca, which was developed in 1975 in the USA and in 1981 approved. This drug, however, is very sensitive to air and moisture, he leads partly to rashes and taste disorders, which is why a need for improvement existed. More than ten other ACE inhibitors have been developed to date and find worldwide use.

More interesting facts about Ramipril

The most negatively experienced symptoms during treatment with Ramipril can be attributed to the lowering of blood pressure. Patients have usually already so accustomed to their high values, that with them the normal blood pressure initially leads to complaints. This, however, and most of the potential Ramipril side effects improve after a few days to weeks of therapy.

The notices referred to in Ramipril side effects cough can start with Ramipril also only several weeks after the initiation of therapy. In this case, Ramipril usually by an angiotensin II receptor blocker replaced (from the group of “sartans”).