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Last Updated on November 7, 2022

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Captopril is used in cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac output and blood pressure are continuously adapted by a complicated system of various neurotransmitters and nerve signals the body’s needs. When sleeping is as significantly lower blood pressure needed to provide the tissue with nutrients and oxygen, as in sports. One of the messengers that are involved in the normal blood pressure control in the body, the hormone angiotensin II. It raises blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. At the same time it stimulates the adrenal gland to the production of the hormone aldosterone. Aldosterone affects the water content of the body: It reduces the salt and water excretion via the kidneys. The amount of liquid increases and the volume of blood increases – this leads to a rise in blood pressure. Captopril is an ACE inhibitor. It blocks an important protein that is involved in the production of angiotensin: angiotensin-converting enzyme, abbreviated to ACE. This blockade less angiotensin is formed. As a result, expand the vessels, and the heart does not have to borrow against the high resistance. So the heart is relieved, and the blood pressure drops. The body now constitutes less aldosterone, and salt and water excretion via the kidneys increases again. By decreasing the amount of water in the blood, the amount of blood that is pumped from the heart through the body decreases. Also characterized the heart is relieved and the lowered blood pressure. Captopril presumably protects the blood vessels from harmful influences and changes such as arteriosclerosis. In the long term this will reduce the risk of further cardiovascular diseases.