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Last Updated on January 15, 2019

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The active ingredient Terbinafine is used as an antifungal (antifungal) for the treatment of skin or athlete’s foot. Due to its chemical structure to count him to the group of allylamines. The treatment may be carried externally (as a cream, etc.) or internally (in the form of tablets). Here you can read everything of interest to effect and Terbinafine, side effects and interactions.

How Terbinafine works

How do animals and humans also exist mushroomed individual, under certain conditions, individually viable cells. The cell is thus able to dress Neste, an independent component of all life forms. To accurately and selectively damage during an infection with a fungus only the fungal cells, is made of the differences between the forms of life advantage. These differences at the cellular level is not very large (for example, the man and the mold are closer related than some types of bacteria to each other). Therefore, many antifungal drugs are aimed at the cell membrane from which is constructed differently at Pilz and man.

In humans and in many animals the membrane which separates the cell to the outside and enables many metabolic pathways only mainly of specific lipids such as cholesterol exists. Cholesterol gives the cell membrane the flexibility to be able to meet environmental influences. For mushrooms this task the substance ergosterol, which is chemically the cholesterol similar but structured differently in many respects takes over.

The active ingredient Terbinafine inhibits fungal cells in the production of ergosterol. The resulting deficiency in ergosterol in the membrane inhibits the growth of Pilzzelen or can they even die.

Up, degradation and excretion of Terbinafine

After taking the drug Terbinafine is well absorbed in the intestines Some, however, quickly metabolized in the liver, so that only about half of the administered dose reaches the systemic circulation, where can be measured after one and a half hours the highest levels. Since the drug is highly fat-soluble, it reaches well into the skin and nails. After about 30 hours, the half of the drug is excreted.

Terbinafine can be reduced by many different subtypes of the cytochrome P450 enzyme, which is needed to make it water-soluble. The degradation products are excreted via the kidneys in the urine or via the gut with the chair.

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When to use Terbinafine?

The antifungal agent Terbinafine is applied for the treatment of skin and nail fungal infections. In a skin fungus disease, it is usually applied locally (such as Terbinafine cream), with a major Hautpilz- or nail fungus infection systemically (in the form of Terbinafine tablets).

They are used for skin fungus usually only a few weeks, with nail fungus but possibly also three to six months.

How is Terbinafine applied

In the treatment of fungal skin infections Terbinafine is administered as a percent cream, gel or spray. It should be applied once or twice daily to the affected and adjacent areas. They are used depending on the type of infection about one to two weeks.

In case of severe skin fungus infections or fungal nail disease treatment in the form of Terbinafine tablets each with 250 milligrams of active ingredient takes place. The tablets are taken once a day with a glass of water without food. The Terbinafine intake should be done at the same time each day. Depending on the severity of the disease Terbinafine is usually taken about four to six weeks (with skin fungal infection) or over a period of up to three months (with nail fungal infection).

What are the side effects Terbinafine?

While taking Terbinafine it comes with more than ten percent of those treated for), muscle and joint pain.

One of tens to hundreds of patients reported side effects such as depression Terbinafine, taste disturbance, loss of taste and fatigue.

The side effects shown here, occur mainly when taking Terbinafine. When applied to the skin, the side effects are most very attenuated on.

What should be considered in the application of Terbinafine?

Since Terbinafine of enzymes is metabolized in the liver that break down a lot more drugs and foreign substances, concomitant use may affect the drug levels every single substance – thus increasing both lower:

Especially on the enzyme P450 2D6 Cytocrom metabolized drugs are broken down more slowly in combination with Terbinafine, allowing them to accumulate in the body. These include, for example, for depression (tricyclic antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, MAO inhibitors), drugs that stabilize the heart rhythm (Antiarrthythmika of categories 1A, 1B and 1C) and beta blockers (cardiovascular agents).

Since only very limited data are available on the use of Terbinafine in pregnant women, the active ingredient is prudent not be used during pregnancy. The same applies for the lactation. Even in children is not recommended the use of Terbinafine.

Elderly (over 65 years) can take Terbinafine, but before that should the liver and kidney function should be monitored. Patients with hepatic or renal impairment should not take Terbinafine.

How to obtain drugs with Terbinafine

Preparations for use on the skin with no more than one percent of active ingredient content are prescription to get at the pharmacy. Terbinafine tablets are taking prescription.

Since when Terbinafine is known?

Terbinafine was brought by the pharmaceutical company Novartis in 1991 in Europe and 1996 in the US market. The patent expired in 2007, following an extension patent for the treatment of children in the United States was filed. In Germany, however, are already numerous generics with the active ingredient Terbinafine are available.