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Last Updated on November 25, 2022

Social happiness is possible without any class struggle – via tablet. In the US and Britain over the prescribed Paxil – an antidepressant. So under the new revolutionary concept, if you are unemployed, you take a pill and shut up. However, the US Attorney General sues a company manufactures this medicine due to the fact that children commit suicide from that Paxil. They give Paxil even children – a new type of society – Pharmacological Society and pharmacological social happiness.

Dependence and withdrawal of fluoxetine

Dependence on antidepressants – the sore subject when it comes to ways of getting rid of those or other mental problems. In society there is an opinion that it is a kind of antidepressant drug, once having used which is hooked forever and slowly movin to the degradation of the individual.

In fact, it’s not so bad.

The root cause of this confusion lies in the fact that often people do not see the difference between antidepressants and their teams, and anxiolytics (tranquilizers).


Anxiolytics – a group of drugs that have a sedative and anti-anxiety effect is pronounced. The most famous such drug in the West – “Valium” in Russian – “Phenazepam”. These medications actually cause the development of drug dependence, but have nothing in common with antidepressants. Free circulation of anxiolytic drugs in Russia is limited. This does not mean that to buy them downright unrealistic. But, at least, it is impossible to accurately make out of ignorance.

Antidepressants – medications entirely different principle of action. Antidepressants are divided into groups – tricyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, SSRI – and which relates fluoxetine, and others. This site does not attempt to explain the principle of operation of each of the groups of antidepressants. Therefore we confine ourselves to an explanation that the most potent and heavily tolerated by patients antidepressants – tricyclics. At the same time, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) – a group of rather soft and easily portable products. None of the drugs SSRI does not cause drug dependence.

Regarding the withdrawal. In pure theory it is almost every drug, whose effects on the body a little bit stronger than a multivitamin. Even hypertension controls (the usual medications for many people and is generally perceived in society without fear) can not abruptly stop taking – you need to smoothly and gradually reduce the dose. So in the instructions to fluoxetine it is clearly stated that at the exit of the course need to gradually reduce the dosage. Please bring the drug consumption to the minimum indivisible dose (usually one 20mg capsule). Then increase the intervals between doses of the drug – from daily to every 2 days, and then to once every three days, and then one capsule to a week, and after that completely stop taking. Strict adherence to the instructions ensures the absence of any withdrawal symptoms.

But it should be noted, and one more thing – the half-life of fluoxetine is excreted is 16 days. Thus, dramatically quit taking this drug will not work at all desire. Even if contrary to the recommendations of the instructions to quit taking it one day – the concentration of the active substance in the blood will slowly and gradually decrease for 16 days, providing a soft exit from the course. Even with the strong desire to harm your body will not work – long half-life plays the role of a sort of “foolproof”.

Antidepressant fluoxetine as a drug

Prozac drug, better known under the trade name fluoxetine, – the drug from the group of antidepressants. It is indicated for the treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder in which the patient experiences constant fear and heightened anxiety.

The drug began to be used actively in the treatment of depression since 1980, when in America the prevalence of this disease has already adopted a national scale of the disaster. United States and Canada have been actively treated new drug, causing themselves began to call themselves “Prozac generation”. Now, according to statistics, 40 million are taking fluoxetine. People all over the world.

Fluoxetine and sexual function

Another popular myth is that fluoxetine and other antidepressants SSRIs group adversely affect the libido, reduced sexual desire, lead to the onset of impotence in men.

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Indeed, the use of fluoxetine can lead to impotence. But here it is important to remember that this is just one of many possible side effects, and is not the most common in this preparation. It can manifest itself, but maybe not. By the way, there is also a reverse fluoxetine side effect – “spontaneous erection.” Well it is, by the way. About its existence antidepressants critics to remember why it is not accepted :).

And even if you are lucky and be among the “lucky ones” who have shown vysheozvuchenny side effect – there is no reason to panic. Impotence of fluoxetine is temporary, and can pass by itself during the course (this is an absolutely normal phenomenon – the body adapts and some manifested at the beginning of side effects over time, simply disappear), and in any event is guaranteed to take place a few days after cessation of fluoxetine drugs.

It is worth to note that fluoxetine – is not some sweet candy made by a man just under the influence of short-term hotelok. This is a serious medication that is used to get rid of significantly reducing the quality of life diseases: neuroses, depression, anxiety disorders.

Let’s compare the real with the real. What’s worse – a small chance to gain a temporary impotence at some time from fluoxetine, or continuously in the background to suffer from chronic depression? A unhealed neuroses, I think, only increase the sexual function? With social phobia and its attendant difficulties with communication and tying dating much if any consolation the fact that you do not have any problems with erection?

There is a concept – “the lesser evil”. In this case, a risk that is reversible side effects lesser evil than the alternative.

As for the effect of fluoxetine on sexual desire, it is not. With one caveat – fluoxetine greatly reduces the neurotic needs, whether it is compulsive overeating, alcohol craving or desire for sexual intimacy as an opportunity to briefly forget. We must see the difference between a healthy sex drive (which does not hurt) and neurotic reactions that come to naught with the neurosis itself.

Fluoxetine and weight loss

So, some of the girls used the drug for weight loss, because Prozac reduces appetite. The danger is that it tends to accumulate in the body, causing serious lesions developing central nervous system.

Although antidepressant designed to restore traction to life, with prolonged use, the effect is reversed. Initially possible side effect of euphoria. Subsequently, however, the person starts to haunt nightmares, he having neuroses and suicidal tendencies.

Oddly enough, in addition to its direct purpose fluoxetine gained popularity among people as a means to lose weight. It should start typing a word into the Google “fluoxetine” as a search engine helpfully tells you – “fluoxetine for weight loss.”

Indeed, the former was originally a side effect of fluoxetine was the great demand for young girls who want to quickly and effortlessly lose weight applications.

Yes, fluoxetine really helps to lose weight, but it does so very inefficiently and too high a price.

Read more about the possibilities of the use of fluoxetine for weight loss is painted on a separate page.

Finally I want to once again draw attention to the fact that the alleged instructions to fluoxetine “weight loss” – is primarily a side effect. And no side effect can not occur with 100% probability. If you search the Internet, you can find a lot of reviews of those exposed to fluoxetine is not lost at all. Or even a little recovered.