The reason: it saves partially up to 60% of the price obtained with piquant diseases discreetly his medication and this gets even delivered to home. A few notes should be observed so that the comfortable shopping at any bad buy is. So an original recipe also an online pharmacy needs. Unfortunately, however, does not expect any medication directly to the health insurance company and still be dubious providers frolicking on the internet.

With these eight tips you safely and conveniently to your medication!

Tips for buying drugs online

1. Cost savings counter medications

Online pharmacies do not offer prescription or non-prescription drugs often at significantly lower prices than at retail pharmacies. The reason is that in 2004 the resale price maintenance for non-prescription pharmacy-only medicinal products has been lifted. Especially on the internet this becomes noticeable. Thus one finds in some cases a reduction of up to 60%. The online pharmacies among themselves vary greatly. A price comparison therefore worthwhile.

2. Prescription drugs only with original recipe

Even prescription medications are available over the Internet pharmacies. Here, however, note the following: the pharmacy requires a valid, original recipe by mail (E-mail or fax are not sufficient). Without the pharmacy may not issue medications. This is so regulated by law. Online pharmacies who disregard this rule, are not serious and should definitely be avoided!

Many mail-order pharmacies get their clients here and contrary to refund the incurred postage costs in sending the recipe.

3. settlement with the insurance company in prescription orders

For prescription medication you pay as a customer often not the whole drug, but only a co-payment. This is no different when ordering on the Internet. With most German online pharmacies incidentals made directly with health insurance, & nbsp; but unfortunately every time. In such a case you need to go as a customer first pay in advance and apply for reimbursement of the costs with your health insurance.

4. shipping and bulk order

Despite the low prices of online pharmacies, you must of course always consider the shipping costs. Many pharmacies already offer free delivery on orders value.

Regardless, it makes sense to buy the medicinal product is in larger quantities. This is particularly suited to fill the medicine cabinet again. Even for chronically ill people who need permanent medication, can be considerable savings in a large order. In addition, many pharmacies offer discounts on bulk orders. Maybe your friends and family will also need just a few drugs?

5. Discretion

If you ask just in his regular pharmacy according to somewhat spicier diseases such as hemorrhoids or genital fungal drugs, this can be very unpleasant circumstances, especially when others – are customers present – perhaps even known. At an online pharmacy, however, you can order conveniently and anonymously from home.

6. Personal customer service via email or phone

Often, reluctant clients from the Internet to order drugs, because it is feared that the advice is not the same as in the retail pharmacy. However, most online pharmacies counteract this already and offer a personal and also professional advice via e-mail or telephone. Some consider the drug even ordered back to negative interactions. In addition, please contact the product detailed information about appropriate medication – often just as extensive as on the package insert

7. Beware of spam e-mails

Especially liked are medications at dumping prices offered in e-mails from unknown senders. You should strike no way! Not infrequently, these products are counterfeit, containing other or no active ingredients. Ofmals the spam e-mails disguised as computer viruses, Trojans or dialers. They therefore do not know the sender of such an email, you should delete it without opening!