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The active ingredient Candesartan is a commonly used medication for high blood pressure and may also be administered in heart failure. It belongs to a group of medicines sartans. As a relatively new active ingredients which are generally classified as sartans very few side effects. Candesartan is taken in tablet form once a day. Here you can read everything about the effect of Candesartan, side effects and use.

How Candesartan works

The active ingredient Candesartan intervenes as all sartans in the so-called renin-angiotensin system of the human body that regulates fluid and electrolyte balance and hence blood pressure. For effective way of sartans it is enough to look at a small section of this hormonal system.

sartans the docking site (receptor) of the hormone angiotensin II so that the latter can no longer exert its effect. Normally, the hormone responsible for vasoconstriction, decreased renal blood flow and an increased recovery of sodium ions and thus water in the kidneys ensures – in sum, they will lead to a rise in blood pressure

The name “Angiotensin II” suggests that there is an angiotensin I. This hormone is formed from angiotensinogen – a step that can be blocked with drugs also in order to reduce blood pressure. The preparations used for this purpose is called ACE inhibitors.

The key advantage of sartans (such as Candesartan) is that they intervene later than the ACE inhibitor in the hormone control loop and therefore cause fewer side effects. Because hormonal feedback systems are generally quite complex and interconnected – is ever intervened earlier with medication, the more this can affect other control loops. This explains the many better side effect profile of sartans compared to ACE inhibitors.

Candesartan cilexetil

In practice, the descendant of Candesartan cilexetil Candesartan is used instead. This is much better absorbed in the intestine and then (already in the intestinal wall) converted rapidly and completely in the body to the actual active ingredient Candesartan. After taking a tablet of the highest drug level is reached in the blood after about three to four hours.

In the body Candesartan is hardly metabolized. The active substance is excreted about nine hours after taking half unchanged in urine (approximately one third) and via the bile in the feces (approximately two thirds).

When is Candesartan used?

Candesartan is used primarily to treat (hypertension) and heart failure (congestive heart failure) when ACE inhibitors are not tolerated or are not sufficiently effective as a single medication.

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The application of Candesartan effected long term in order to achieve a secure and stable reduction in blood pressure.

How Candesartan is used

The active ingredient Candesartan is taken in pill form. The therapy is usually at a low dose (four or eight milligrams) started, then to increase to medical advice for several weeks, the dose until the blood pressure is adequately controlled. The tablets are taken once a day and are offered in different dosages, wherein the daily dose is 32 milligrams maximum.

The combination of Candesartan and other anti-hypertensive drug (such as the dehydrating agent Hydrochlorothiazide – HCT), a mutual enhancement of action arising (synergistic effect), which is currently required in severely elevated blood pressure. On the German market also appropriate combination preparations are available.

What are the side effects Candesartan?

According to studies occurred in patients receiving Candesartan, on little more side effects than in subjects who have been treated with a dummy treatment (placebo). Common (affecting one in ten to one hundred patients) there were side effects such as respiratory infections, a renal impairment and high blood potassium levels.

In 2010, the fear arose that Candesartan cancer causes. The occasion was a study that found a slight correlation between the Candesartan intake and an increased cancer rate. This relationship has now been carefully checked and several times in larger studies and meta-analyzes (joint evaluation, several studies) rebutted.

The occurring with other blood pressure medicines, “first-dose hypotension” – a strong drop in blood pressure after first taking the drug – does not occur with Candesartan. The same applies to the “rebound effect”. This refers to an increase in the original complaint (in this case, hypertension) after discontinuation of the drug.

What should I watch for while taking Candesartan?

Since the potassium levels may rise in the blood during treatment with Candesartan, should be dispensed with another potassium intake.

With simultaneous application of the mood stabilizer lithium (to treat psychoses) whose blood levels should be monitored.

During treatment with Candesartan should at mild pain (such as headache or toothache) any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ingested. Otherwise, kidney function may deteriorate and thus attenuate the antihypertensive effect of the drug. As an alternative painkiller Paracetamol itself offers.

During pregnancy and lactation Candesartan should not be used, since this is to start from a teratogenic effect due to the limited data available.

About the use of Candesartan in children up to 18 years have not been established and therefore should be avoided on other active ingredients.

In liver disease Candesartan can be applied; the function of the kidneys in renal disease should be monitored regularly.

How to get Candesartan

The active ingredient Candesartan is only available on prescription in each dose and can therefore be based only on the pharmacy and on submission of a recipe.

Since when Candesartan is known?

In 1982, scientists discovered the pharmaceutical company Takeda some inhibitors of the pressor effect of angiotensin II. In the following years, the structure by computer calculations, laboratory tests and animal studies has been continually improved. As a result, in 1986, the drug Losartan, the first representative of the new drug class of sartans. He came in 1995 in the US and in Germany on the market. Later more sartans have been developed with a longer length of stay and lower metabolism in the body. One of them was Candesartan. He was admitted in Germany in 1997. ‘/ P>

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