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Last Updated on February 8, 2024

sibutramine (slimex)

Sibutramine opened 25 years ago, scientists first tried to use it as a cure for depression, but the effect was weak. But it was noticed that it completely discourages appetite. This is a side effect of the drug and determined his fate, sibutramine was used as a cure for hunger, to prescribe it to people who eat too much and not being able to control their eating behavior. Sibutramine acts in the brain, and through him the whole body. A person receiving sibutramine lost the feeling of hunger, but inevitably increased blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, body temperature, dry mouth, there are headaches, may be abdominal cramps and even vomiting. And it’s not just the standard list of pobochek, mandatory for any instructions, these are real complications that say most slimming on sibutramine.

Due to the severe side effects, doctors prescribe sibutramine rare – only in cases when no other ways to deal with obesity do not produce results. In medicine it is called therapy despair. This man first carefully examined, to select a dose and then be sure to observe his condition during treatment. As soon as it is possible to do without it, and there are the first adverse reactions – immediately stop reception.

Mechanism of Action

Sibutramine is an indirect sympathomimetic agent and can be administered orally. It inhibits the reuptake of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin in the nerve cell, thereby increasing their concentration in the synaptic cleft, which in turn amplifies the excitation of adrenergic receptors and thus has a decreased appetite result.

Side Effects

The side effects of sibutramine are significant and also the reason why the use of the substance is highly restricted. They include numerous complaints of headache, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting, to numbness, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias.

The sibutramine is contraindicated in hyperthyroidism, angina, insomnia, hypertension, epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmia and disorders of the liver and kidney function or with parallel use of antidepressants and antipsychotics.

After studies sibutramine holds especially for cardiovascular patients a significantly increased risk of heart attack, a US study lists 34 deaths from the drug on.

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A 3-year study with patients in whom the same could templates obesity and coronary heart disease in a weight reduction of around 3 kilograms achieved on average. The study showed no survival benefit of sibutramine as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular events.

To get rid of the constant feeling of hunger and start eating less, it is enough to drink in the morning one capsule containing 5 – 15 mg of sibutramine, for a maximum of 3 months. During this time, a person can lose up to 10% of its weight, but with continued treatment often develops addictive. The extra kilos are beginning to return and attempt to increase the dose leads to the rapid emergence of severe complications.

Sibutramine – Market

Sibutramine is a drug that is used as an appetite suppressant (anorectic) for the reduction of severe overweight (obesity). The manufacturer of the original product is the German company Knoll AG, which now belongs to the pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories in the USA. The effect comes about through the indirect stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Due to strong side effects sibutramine-containing medicinal products have now been taken in all industrialized countries from the market.

Officially registered in our country Meridia (Germany), Lindaksa (Czech Republic),Reduxine (Russia) Slim and Goldline (India). And the supply of Merida and Lindaksy in Russia has stopped since since 2010 the use of sibutramine is banned in some European countries. Meridia can still be bought, but only informally, at exorbitant prices from private dealers. Somewhere in warehouses has remained Lindaksa. Prices for both drugs prohibitive.

While the pharmaceutical market are prohibited, and delivery are discussions about whether justified the use of slimming capsules sibutraminsoderzhaschih, Chinese craftsmen do not hesitate to add this strong substances in supplements, and in huge doses. For example, in a harmless Bad “Charivny lotus” (Ukraine) – 50 mg of sibutramine, «Da Li» and “Golden Ball” – contain 40 mg of the substance is at a therapeutic dose of 5-15 mg.

What to do?

Daring to struggle with excess weight with the help of sibutramine, be sure to consult an independent physician. Sibutramine – a potent drug for people who have serious problems.

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