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Last Updated on January 15, 2019

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Tamsulosin is one of the most important ingredients for an enlarged prostate (benign Prostatahyperplasiesyndrom). The prostate gland is located, or a ring around the prostate urethra. It is enlarged in many men older age and causes symptoms such as trouble urinating out. The active ingredient Tamsulosin relieves such symptoms and delay the progression of the disease. Here you can read everything about Tamsulosin.

How Tamsulosin works

For most older men the prostate gland (prostate) is enlarged benign. Due to the pressure of the newly formed tissue on the lying nearby urethra can lead to discomfort during urination, frequent nighttime urination, problems with complete emptying of the bladder to flood damage with urinary and renal dysfunction in many cases.

The active ingredient Tamsulosin is a so-called alpha-1 receptor blocker: It blocks certain docking sites (so-called “alpha 1Areceptors”) for neurotransmitters such as adrenaline in the smooth muscle of prostate and urethra. As a result, the messengers can no longer bind, thereby relaxes the muscles. The urine flow is facilitated considerably.

In comparison with other alpha-1 receptor blockers Tamsulosin is a selective and thus solves less side effects.

Up, reduction and elimination of Tamsulosin

Tamsulosin is administered in “retarded” form. This means that the active substance from the pharmaceutical form is slowly and steadily released in the intestines. Result is a steady drug levels in the blood is obtained, and the effect of Tamsulosin extends over a period of up to 24 hours.

Of the total administered amount of drug in the intestine. Then takes place in the body partly a degradation of the drug in the liver, the largest part but excreted unchanged by the kidneys.

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When is Tamsulosin used?

medication Tamsulosin be used in benign enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Applies the active ingredient especially in relatively young patients and in patients in whom no surgical removal of the tissue proliferation or is deliberately possible.

How Tamsulosin is used

The drug most commonly used forms with Tamsulosin are capsules and tablets that release the drug slowly and continuously. This ensures that the body make constant amounts of active compound for a uniform effect. The usual dose is usually 0.4 milligrams daily.

Tamsulosin acts only symptomatic against the narrowing of the urinary tract. Therefore, it is often combined with another drug, the right against the cause of the complaints is – prostate enlargement – oriented. A good way to do that make drugs are from the group of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (Finasteride, dutasteride). These inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which is involved in high concentrations in the tissue overgrowth. By reducing dihydrotestosterone levels are therefore the cause of prostate enlargement can remove and slow the progression of the disease significantly.

What are the side effects of Tamsulosin?

Tamsulosin is due to the comparatively specific attack have fewer side effects on its docking point than the other members of this drug class.

It may nevertheless after taking in about ten percent of patients treated for, low blood pressure, rapid pulse, rhinitis, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and skin rashes forth.

What should be considered when taking Tamsulosin?


Tamsulosin should not be used in patients who suffer from pathologically low blood pressure and severe hepatic impairment.


The concomitant use of several “alpha-1 blockers” may result in increased side effects such as hypotension.

Various drugs can accelerate the elimination of Tamsulosin and so reduce its effect. These active ingredients include (painkillers and anti-inflammatories) and warfarin (anticoagulant).


In case of overdose Tamsulosin (from about 5 mg) may result in an acute drop in blood pressure, which can be life-threatening. A sudden drop in blood pressure, therefore a doctor should be informed immediately.

Driving and using machines

The active ingredient Tamsulosin has no negative influence on the ability to react, but should Treated attention to scams as a possible side effect: Before active participation in traffic and operating heavy machinery should be awaited and observed the individual response to treatment initially always .


The experience of the use of Tamsulosin preparations to young people who suffer from corresponding symptoms, is only very slight.

How to obtain drugs with Tamsulosin

medication with Tamsulosin are available by prescription and only available with a prescription from a doctor in pharmacy.