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The active ingredient Progesterone is a naturally occurring sex hormone in the body from the group of progestogens and is also called the corpus luteum hormone. It regulates especially in the woman’s body processes such as the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and embryonic development and plays a role until birth. As a drug, the active ingredient is usually administered in a lack of natural hormone. Here you can read everything about Progesterone -. Effect, application and side effects

How Progesterone works

Progesterone (also referred to as secretory or luteal phase) in women strengthened in the second half of the menstrual cycle half the so-called yellow body (corpus luteum) distributed. The corpus luteum forms from the follicle in the ovary after it issued a fertilisable egg into the fallopian tube has (ovulation). Following the fertilization and implantation of the egg in the uterine lining of the Progesterone level rises even further, because the placenta produces the hormone to make the uterine muscles to protect the pregnancy quiet.

Men also produce – at very low levels – Progesterone. Through its functions in the male body, but is much less well known than its meaning in the female organism.

Progesterone standard values ​​

Adults, menstruating women have Progesterone values ​​of almost 0 to an average of 13 nanograms per milliliter of blood, whereby fluctuations of up to a third are common. For post-menopausal women, women who take oral contraceptives (“the pill”), and men Progesterone standard values ​​are less than one nanogram per milliliter.

Progesterone & amp; Pregnancy

Progesterone, which is also known as the hormone of pregnancy, prepares the endometrium (endometrial) to the possible implantation of a fertilized egg in the second half of the menstrual cycle. Where this is not for fertilization, the corpus luteum disintegrates after about ten days. As a result, the Progesterone concentration in the blood falls again, and menstruation occurs.

Experts discuss other effects of Progesterone. Thus the hormone during the implantation of the fertilized egg appears to regulate the immune system of the mother down so it does not work against the implantation. During pregnancy, it should also inhibit the premature milk production in the breasts, so that only after the birth of the infant, the milk is provided. In addition, it is assumed that the fall of the Progesterone level leads about to give birth to the onset of the birth process and the uterine muscle activity stimulates, that initiates the contractions.

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In addition, the hormone to exert other effects in the body, such as the construction of the central nervous system and in terms of memory and memory.

Progesterone as a drug

In medicine be used either taken orally or Progesterone capsules the active ingredient is applied locally (such as a cream). After oral ingestion, the hormone is rapidly and completely absorbed, but immediately reduced to 90 percent in the liver, thereby passing into the bloodstream amount corresponding occupied only about one-tenth. The maximum blood levels are reached three to four hours after ingestion, however, the values ​​fall off quickly. With regular, twice-daily dosing stable elevated hormone concentrations in the body can be achieved.

When should you use Progesterone?

The administration of Progesterone is used mostly to compensate for a lack of endogenous hormone. Thus, the active ingredient is applied eg to support the luteal phase in the context of assisted reproduction (artificial insemination) and hormone-induced before the period (mastalgia). In addition, the hormone (often together with an estrogen) used for menopausal symptoms (menopausal syndrome), occurring naturally or after surgical removal of the uterus.

The use during pregnancy is limited in time, the application of the menopause syndrome or hormone-induced chest pain may also occur in the longer term.

How Progesterone is taken?

The drug can be taken both as a soft capsule are applied locally as well as Progesterone cream, gel or -Vaginaltablette. Because the drug is rapidly degraded in the body, the preparations must be usually applied at least twice a day.

What are the side effects of Progesterone?

Appropriate hormone preparations contain natural Progesterone (“bioidentisches Progesterone”) and therefore are usually well tolerated. Some common side effects include Progesterone fatigue, sleepiness, and depressed mood. They occur in every tenth to hundredth to patients. However, when applied locally the hormone are (for example in the form of Progesterone cream) side effects much less common.

What should be considered when administering Progesterone?

Since engages externally supplied Progesterone in the female hormone balance, the preparations should be applied exactly as your doctor has told you.

The hormone is in the liver enzymes (cytochrome P450 enzymes) metabolized, which are also involved in the degradation of many other drugs such as drugs against (herbal antidepressant). As a result, the hormone can be degraded reinforced, which blunts its effect or even completely inhibits.

children should because of the hormone to be feared Direction developmental disorders not apply.

How to get medicines with Progesterone

Progesterone is a prescription, therefore only available by medical prescription at the pharmacy.

Since when Progesterone is known?

Natural Progesterone has been discovered in 1934/35, with four different research groups almost simultaneously published the discovery. Named after the hormone of the group to Williard M. Allen, who derived it from “progestationales steroidal ketone”. This technical term describes the physiological effect, the general structure and a chemical characteristic of Progesterone .

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