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Last Updated on January 15, 2019

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Cetirizine is one of the most important drugs that are used to treat allergic reactions such as itching, allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis), asthma, hay fever or mild forms used. The active substance is a so-called second generation antihistamine. The Cetirizine side effects are much lower than in older allergy medicines with comparable effectiveness. Here you can read everything about the drug Cetirizine.

How Cetirizine works

Cetirizine blocked a so-called H 1antihistamine the docking (H 1receptors) from the endogenous neurotransmitter histamine – a substance that all occurs in the body and in normal concentrations is involved in important processes such as the immune response, the production of stomach acid, and the regulation of sleep. Moreover, histamine also plays but an important role in allergic reactions:

An allergic reaction is a hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system. In case of contact with a really innocuous allergy triggers (allergens such as pollen, house dust or animal hair) occurs suddenly to an excessive release of histamine to the the body recognized as “foreign” to combat allergens. Binds histamine in the episode to its receptor, it comes to the typical symptoms of allergy such as an increased tissue perfusion (redness), watery eyes up to the cramping of the muscles of the airways (bronchospasm).

Cetirizine inhibits the blockade of the histamine receptor (H 1receptor) the effects of histamine and thus relieves the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

admission and duration of action

Cetirizine is rapidly and almost completely absorbed in the small intestine, so that the effect occurs relatively quickly, namely about ten minutes to half an hour after ingestion. She holds approximately 24 hours. The elimination of the active substance is mainly via the kidneys. For this reason, a reduction in the dose in humans with renal failure () are required.

When is Cetirizine used?

If the applications (indications) of the antihistamine:

  • chronic (urticaria)
  • itching
  • chronic allergic cold
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • allergic asthma
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How Cetirizine is applied

Most commonly, the antiallergic Cetirizine is taken in pill form, but there are also Cetirizine Cetirizine drops and juice available. The Cetirizine dose is usually 10 mg daily, in children and people with kidney weakness less. The Cetirizine Doses are directed by the physician usually once per day, in the evening. Food slows the absorption rate, but not the amount of drug taken.

What are the side effects of Cetirizine?

In general, the drug is well tolerated. Common (ie at one to ten percent of patients) calls Cetirizine fatigue, sedation (sedation) and gastrointestinal complaints (at higher doses) produced. Less than one percent of those treated developed Cetirizine side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, aggressiveness, or dry mouth. Even rarer are allergic reactions and liver dysfunction (hepatitis, increase in transaminases in the blood).

What should be considered when taking Cetirizine?


For children under two years and in severe renal dysfunction may not be applied Cetirizine. In some cases, the antihistamine should only be taken if the attending physician the benefits significantly higher than the risk estimates (relative contraindication), such as at elevated convulsive readiness (epilepsy).


So far, no interactions with other drugs are known.

Cetirizine suppresses the skin reaction to allergy tests. Therefore, the drug should be discontinued three days before an allergy test so as not to distort the result.

Experts, during treatment with antihistamines such as Cetirizine to avoid alcohol.

Driving and using machines

Cetirizine acts unlike many other antihistamines little sedating (quiet actuating). Nevertheless, when driving vehicles or operating machinery caution. Patients should the individual reaction of her body to the drug note (fatigue, dizziness etc.).

Pregnancy and lactation

If necessary, Cetirizine can be used during pregnancy with caution and in consultation with the doctor. There are, however, with a better Loratadine examined alternative. If a sedative effect is desired, can also be used instead clemastine.

After consultation with the doctor Cetirizine can be used during lactation. There are, however, no information on excretion of the drug in the human breast milk. A Long term use of antihistamines may cause agitation, sedation and other symptoms in breast-fed child. In the specific case of Cetirizine but this is unlikely.

How to obtain drugs with Cetirizine

drugs with the Cetirizine active ingredient are available over the counter at the pharmacy to buy.

Since when Cetirizine is known?

The active ingredient Cetirizine is not known very long. After taking an antihistamine of the first generation had Cetirizine found as conversion product in the body. Clinical studies have shown the new substance then a similar effect with fewer side effects. Cetirizine is therefore better tolerated than older preparations and has their use as medication in allergic reactions largely suppressed. Also in Cetirizine price compared with other antihistamines, the active ingredient performs well – especially generic (generic) are favorable to the pharmacy to buy