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Last Updated on March 16, 2024

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Bisacodyl is used to treat. The normal frequency of bowel movements varies from person to person very strongly to three times a week from three times a day. In less than three bowel movements per week, it is called constipation. The most common cause is a combination of low hydration and fiber in the diet and too little physical exercise. The use of Bisacodyl is only useful if they provide no regulated bowel movements with these deficiencies. Furthermore, in conditions which require facilitating bowel movement as painful tears in the anus or hemorrhoids. Or after surgery, or stroke when strong pressing would harm the body. Bisacodyl irritates the colon mucosa, so increasingly flowing water from the body into the intestine. Due to the increased filling of the intestine a reflex is triggered, leading to bowel movements. Bisacodyl Oral is effective after eight to twelve hours.

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