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Last Updated on July 8, 2021

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The active ingredient <Bicalutamide is a so-called non-steroidal antiandrogen and is used to treat prostate cancer. Earlier it was only approved in combination with other forms of therapy, but now it is applied as a sole therapy (particularly in the early stages). Here you can read everything about the impact and use of Bicalutamide, side effects undweiteren important facts.

acts Bicalutamide

The prostate (prostate) is a sex gland, which is found only in male mammals and secretes a secretion that is part of the sperm. It lies under the bladder and surrounds the urethra. The growth of the prostate is the male sex hormones (androgens) testosterone and dihydrotestosterone controlled (a testosterone derivative).

Through random mutations (genetic changes) in the genetic material of prostate cells can begin to multiply uncontrollably – this is called prostate cancer. Its growth is dependent on testosterone and dihydrotestosterone supply, which is why attempts in therapy to block the docking sites (receptors) of these hormones to the prostate cells. This is done using so-called “anti-androgens” as Bicalutamide.

In the early stages of the disease can stop the growth of the tumor, the sole therapy with Bicalutamide. In advanced stages yet another measure (surgical removal of the prostate, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy) is often also taken.

Up, degradation and excretion of Bicalutamide

The drug is well absorbed after ingestion by mouth through the intestine into the blood. It is metabolized in the liver in different ways and each eliminated about halfway through the stool and urine. Excretion takes place very slowly, after one week is only about half of the active substance removed from the body.

When to use Bicalutamide?

The active ingredient Bicalutamide is approved for use alone or combined treatment of prostate cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that the active ingredient in low dosage can be applied successfully in women against unwanted hair growth (hirsutism). The revenue for this purpose, however, is outside the registration (so-called “off-label use”).

How to take Bicalutamide

The active ingredient is used exclusively in the form of tablets on the market , Depending on the type of therapy to be taken from meals 50 milligrams or 150 milligrams once daily Bicalutamide at the same time of day and regardless. The treatment takes a long time.

What are the side effects of Bicalutamide?

More than ten percent of patients treated with Bicalutamide patients show adverse drug reactions in the form of feelings of tension in the chest, breast growth, weakness, water retention in the subcutaneous tissue, and blood in the urine.

In addition, with one in ten to one hundred treated to Bicalutamide side effects such as erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, chills, sleepiness, liver dysfunction, sweating, increased hair growth, itching, diabetes, weight gain and loss, heart failure and heart attacks.

What should be considered when taking Bicalutamide?

With the normally used in combination therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer drugs (such as LHRH analogues) are no known interactions.

Since Bicalutamide is extensively metabolized in the liver, it blocks there enzymes that break down other substances, so that their blood levels can greatly increase. Therefore, Bicalutamide should not be coadministered with agents for allergies (such as terfenadine, astemizole), immune-suppressing drugs (such as cyclosporine) and calcium channel blockers (such as Nifedipine, Verapamil, Diltiazem, as in heart disease) be taken

Conversely, other drugs inhibit the degradation of Bicalutamide, which accumulates in this body. This applies, for example antifungal (such as ketoconazole) and remedies for heartburn (such as cimetidine).

Patients who anticoagulants (such as warfarin and phenprocoumon), should at the beginning of therapy with Bicalutamide clotting are monitored, because the coagulation values ​​can change.

Because Bicalutamide has a massive influence on the hormonal balance of the body, it must not be taken by pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents under 18 years.

In case of severe hepatic impairment Bicalutamide blood levels should be monitored.

How to buy Bicalutamide online over the counter

In Germany, all the preparations with the active ingredient Bicalutamide prescription and only with a doctor’s prescription available in pharmacies.

Since when Bicalutamide is known?

Non-steroidal antiandrogens were first discovered in the 1970s. The approval of the first drug of this substance group, flutamide, in 1989 in the US. However, it is noticed early on that flutamide is degraded relatively rapidly and the liver very heavily used. With the successor Bicalutamide a drug was approved in 1995 in the US, which has a much longer duration of action and also improved liver-compatibility. Since the patent has since expired, there are numerous affordable generics with the active ingredient Bicalutamide on the market.