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Prednisolone is a steroid medication that is used for a wide range of conditions, including inflammation, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. While it is available on prescription from a doctor, some people may be wondering if they can buy prednisolone over the counter in the UK. Unfortunately, the answer is no – prednisolone is only available with a prescription from a licensed medical professional.

There are good reasons for this restriction. Prednisolone is a powerful medication that can have significant side effects if used incorrectly or inappropriately. Only a trained medical professional can assess your suitability for taking prednisolone, and monitor you for any adverse reactions or interactions with other medications. Self-prescribing or self-medicating with prednisolone over the counter in the UK is not recommended and could be dangerous.

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About prednisolone

Take prednisolone once a day in the middle of the day so that you are not kept awake.
Taking prednisolone can make you more susceptible to illness. Tell your doctor if you’ve been exposed to infectious diseases such as chickenpox or shingles.
The most common side effects of prednisolone are weight loss, indigestion, insomnia and excessive sweating.
Prednisolone can cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it suddenly. Do not stop taking this medicine suddenly if you have been taking it for more than 3 weeks or if you have been taking higher doses (more than 40mg) for more than 1 week.
It is also known by the newer names Deltacortril, Deltastab, Dilacort and also Pevanti.

Serious allergic reaction

In rare cases a severe allergic reaction may occur.

A severe allergic reaction is an emergency. Talk to a doctor immediately if you think you or someone around you is having a severe allergic reaction.

The signs of a severe allergic reaction are:

  • a skin rash, which may be itchy, red, swollen, blistered or peeling
  • wheezing
  • tightness in the chest or throat
  • having difficulty breathing or speaking
  • unusual hoarseness
  • swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat

These aren’t all the side effects of prednisolone. For a full list, see the leaflet that comes with your medicine.

You may report any suspected side effect into the UK security scheme

Prednisolone: steroid used to treat allergies and infections.
Prednisolone belongs to the group of synthetic, or artificial, glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are hormones that release energy stored in the body and increase the motivation of the organism. The group of glucocorticoids is colloquially known as cortisone. Prednisolone suppresses the natural defence function of cortisone. So it has an immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

How does prednisolone work?

One of these drugs is prednisolone. Many men and women know that it can help reduce inflammation, but there is much more to it than that. How does it work?

Prednisolone belongs to a category of prescription medicines known as steroids. Steroid’ is short for ‘steroid hormone’ — ‘steroid’ clarifies a model of compound, however ‘hormone’ claims more. A hormone is a signal that helps regulate physiological purposes.

Hormones come in just two forms, corticosteroids and sex stimulants. Organs produce sex hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. They still suggest the sex hormones that many bodybuilders use when people talk about steroids today. Unfortunately, prednisolone is not this type of steroid.

The type of hormones in the body are known as ‘corticosteroids’ for the reason that they are produced by the adrenal gland. The hormone is called cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’. Cortisol plays a significant part in the immunity process and also the metabolic ratewhen there is someone at an event of tension. For someone that would be the results of an excessive amount of cortisol for long, some reason long term anxiety is awfulterm.

Prednisolone is a steroid – it works and mimics schizophrenia. But, prednisolone doesn’t have any effect until eventually the liver converts it to prednisolone (which is usually approved for IBD). The endocrine can enter the parts of their human body the moment it is converted into prednisolone. In the cells, it ‘educates’ the DNA to stop producing certain compounds (‘transpression’) and also to start producing the others (‘transactivation’). Where inflammation is more worrying, prednisone/prednisolone prevents the cell from making a compound called ‘intercellular adhesion molecule’.

Icam icam1 works by acting as a landing pad for bloodstream into tissue cells, allowing people’s dead cells to induce the reaction and then get directly into IBD tissue from the gut. Prednisone/prednisolone prevents these blood cells by restricting the amount of icam 1 the cells generate. Interestingly, it always looks like a landing pad for those viruses that cause colds.

If the transactivation of all Icam 1 is stopped, it generally seems to be making all its unwanted results. The compounds prednisolone leaves our faces and informs the tissues to create look like why it pops up our sleep along with appetites. The way that susceptibility could be bad can be treated with drugs like prednisolone.

We do not understand what works about Prednisolone It will not get the job done with everyone Respond to this drug research is necessary. A number of these studies are aimed at making drugs that work to help relieve inflammation without a lot of negative results. Let’s hope they get it.
Prednisolone allows inflammatory cells to invade damaged tissue, where they can cause (often excessive and painful) inflammation. Prednisolone also affects carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Prednisolone also affects carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It also has many other effects in the body, such as on connective tissue and salt and water balance.


The anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect of Prednisolone is used inter alia in:

  • rheumatoid arthritis (the “rheumatic” inflammation of joints) and other diseases of the rheumatic type
  • neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • lung diseases such as asthma, COPD (smoker’s cough) or pseudo-Krupp
  • autoimmune diseases such as connective tissue diseases or
  • allergic skin diseases
  • allergic
  • with a tumor treatment, to alleviate side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting
  • allergic or inflammatory eye diseases
  • Acute hearing loss
  • after organ transplantation to suppress rejection

In addition, a dose Prednisolone are used to compensate for a chronic lack of cortisone in the body, which can arise due to adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease).

How and when to take

It is necessary as the physician has counseled, to choose prednisolone.

The dose fluctuates in between 60mg and also 5mg 1ml of prednisolone is add up to 10mg.

It is Most Effective to choose prednisolone to get one dose One Time a day After break fast. As an instance, in case your dose is 40mg daily, then it truly is customary to choose 8 pills (8 x per 5mg) all in an identical moment.

So that that it will not upset your gut, carry prednisolone with break fast. Accepting prednisolone at the daytime means that it’s not as inclined to have an impact on your own sleeping.

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If You’ve Got Enteric-coated (reddish or brownish) pills, then you are able to consider these Without food or with however be sure that you consume them intact. Don’t take aspirin medicines two weeks before or immediately after using coated pills.

You may possibly well be counseled to choose prednisolone on alternate days.

Just how far does I choose?

The dosage is dependent upon your own condition and if you’re currently carrying prednisolone or to get moreduration.

In kids, the dosage Might Be reduced compared to a grownup together with precisely the Exact Same Disease since it’s calculated based on weight and their heightreduction.

Can my dosage move down or up?

Your dosage can proceed even down or up.

It is possible that the dose will probably return, the moment your ailment begins to secure greater.

Until you discontinue treatment 12, your physician will most likely lessen your dose.

In case your disease becoming even worse, your dosage can proceed up.

Imagine do I forget to accept it?

Go on it, in the event you don’t catch a dose of prednisolone. Forget the missed dose in the event you actually don’t remember before subsequent day.

Don’t take more than a single dose to compensate to get a 1.

In the Event You forget doses often, it Might Help to put an alert to Inform you. You can consult your pharmacist to get advice that will assist you to be sure to choose your own medication.

Imagine should I get a long time?

Taking way too prednisolone tablets is not likely to damage you.

Speak with your physician or pharmacist if you should be anxious.

Prednisolone is usually systemically, that is for internal use is administered. There is the active ingredient both in tablet form, which is the most common Darreichungsart, as well as a suppository, infusion or injection solutions, reference is made to the in the emergency treatment, at high doses required or in-patient treatment.

If Prednisolone is to be applied only locally also uses one Prednisolone ointment, creams, drip solutions or tinctures.

PrednisolonAugensalbe is used in allergic conjunctivitis and other inflammatory eye diseases.

What are the side effects of Prednisolone?

Among the acute Prednisolone side effects:

  • an increased susceptibility to infections due to its immune-dampening effect
  • Impaired wound healing by inhibiting inflammatory cell
  • a redistribution of body fat own with a possible increase in the trunk region (truncal obesity)
  • “buffalo hump” and “moon face” due to a redistribution of body fat
  • breakdown of muscle tissue and muscle weakness
  • mood swings to depression
  • changes in appetite, stomach problems (eg, inflammation of the stomach lining and stomach ulcers)

Other, less common Prednisolone side effects are:

  • development of diabetes mellitus, especially if this already is a tendency
  • Gray or Green Star
  • arrhythmia
  • Hypertension
  • arteriosclerosis, thrombosis or vasculitis
  • thinning of the skin
  • acne (known. Steroid)
  • bone loss (osteoporosis)

Prednisolone ophthalmic ointment can also greatly reduce the visual performance and responsiveness on the road.

In the Prednisolone dose should be noted that at a longer application called Cushing’s threshold of 7.5 milligrams per day is not exceeded because of the risk of adverse effects rises sharply. A high-dose Prednisolone about 1,000 milligrams per day is used only for a few days lasting shock therapy.

Prednisolone and alcohol do not mix well, especially at higher doses of the drug. The effect of Prednisolone can be reduced. Many patients also report that they are well tolerated while you are taking Prednisolone less alcohol. At a high dose of Prednisolone, the combination can cause a strong under- or hyperglycaemia. The general recommendation is therefore, Prednisolone and alcohol do not take at the same time.

What should I watch for while taking Prednisolone?

Because the effect of Prednisolone is among others in suppressing the immune system, should in acute viral infections (eg, chickenpox, herpes) carried out, no treatment before vaccination or lymphadenopathy with this preparation.

In an existing diabetes mellitus, and especially in a difficult adjustable high blood pressure (hypertension) should be dispensed with the treatment with Prednisolone, if possible, or they should be under medical observation. Prednisolone also exerts influence on the mood and the ability to concentrate the patient. Therefore, these should not participate during a high-dose Prednisolone intake driving or operating machinery.

During treatment with Prednisolone intake of iodine may be diminished in the thyroid. Therefore, should be regularly examined the thyroid values. During pregnancy and lactation Prednisolone should not be applied as possible, since the Prednisolone side effects can be transferred to the child.

In addition, there may be interactions with other drugs. Each treatment with the corticosteroid Prednisolone should therefore be checked regularly by a doctor.

How to get prednisolone?

Medications containing Prednisolone are available only by prescription. When you buy Prednisolone online from us you can be assured of receiving a product that is safe to use, manufactured with pharmaceutical grade materials in hygienic conditions. Although we are a low cost supplier of Prednisolone tablets, our quality is never compromised and everything we supply is of a consistently exemplary standard. The type and amount of dosage depends on the disease, severity and other individual characteristics. For children, in particular, the active ingredient will be tailored to their height, age and body weight.

When was prednisolone introduced?

Prednisolone was developed and launched by the German pharmaceutical company Merck in 1957. Because of its versatility of use and its profile of action, it very quickly overtook other corticosteroids used and has since become one of the best-selling drugs on the international market.

More interesting facts about Prednisolone

The side effects of prednisolone can be increased if it is stopped too abruptly after a long course of treatment. In addition, the natural hormonal balance of the patient may be disturbed because the body stops producing cortisone during treatment. Prednisolone should therefore be tapered. This means that the daily and single dose of prednisolone is reduced over a long period of time before it is stopped permanently. Tapering of prednisolone is not necessary for treatment lasting a few days.
Could I take prednisolone for a very long time?

Taking prednisolone can have several effects on your body. It can cause:

  • Thinning bones (osteoporosis)
  • Poorly controlled diabetes
  • Vision problems
  • Slower growth in children and adolescents

There are steps you can take to stay as healthy as possible if you have to take prednisolone for a long time:

  • Take regular exercise and make sure you get enough calcium in your diet to build strong bones. Calcium-rich foods include cheese, milk and green leafy vegetables. To assess your bones, your doctor may arrange for you to have an intermittent bone scan.
  • If you have diabetes, you may need to check your blood glucose more often. Your healthcare professional can give you more advice.
  • To reduce the likelihood of vision problems, see an optician every 12 weeks to check for high eye pressure (glaucoma) and cataracts.
  • Make sure that children and adolescents have their height checked regularly by a doctor to ensure that any growth retardation can be detected promptly.