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Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Latanoprost 2.5 ml is offered by most online pharmacies. First read tips on purchasing drugs online should you wish to buy Xalatan 0.005% online.

Latanoprost is a medication commonly used to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It is an effective treatment that works by reducing intraocular pressure and preventing damage to the optic nerve. However, not everyone has access to prescription medication and some people may prefer to buy latanoprost over the counter. Unfortunately, latanoprost is not available over the counter in the UK and can only be obtained with a prescription from a health care professional.

There are several reasons why latanoprost is not available over the counter. Firstly, it is a powerful drug that can have adverse effects if not used correctly. Secondly, it is important to ensure that the medication is being used to treat an appropriate condition and that the individual understands how to use it safely. Finally, latanoprost is a prescription-only medication to ensure that it is used safely and appropriately.

If you need latanoprost, it is important to seek the advice of a healthcare professional who can assess your condition and determine whether this medication is suitable for you. They will also be able to advise you on how to use the medication correctly and monitor any possible side effects. It is important to remember that safety should always come first when using health care.

From eye diseases, millions of people suffer, in the age of computer technology, the problem has become epidemic. Among all kinds of ophthalmic drugs most often used eye drops. Latanoprost is one of the popular means of such a plan, which is highly effective in treating a number of eye diseases.

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What is Latanoprost?

Latanoprost is an ophthalmic product, applied topically (in the form of eye drops) for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension. This is an analogue of prostaglandin (prostaglandin F2α), which reduces intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor through the uveosceral path]. Latanoprost is isopropyl ether, a prodrug, that is, it is inactive until it is hydrolyzed in the cornea from the ester in biologically active acids. The active substance Latanoprost can lower elevated intraocular pressure. They are therefore in certain cases of glaucoma applied as the Open-angle glaucoma. The eyes get a huge load in the modern world of computer technology. Often the cause of eye diseases is increased intraocular pressure. If such pressure is not reduced in time, the eye nerve may suffer, and this leads to blindness. One of the effective medicines that help in this situation is Latanoprost (eye drops).

General information and instructions for the use of drops Latanoprost

Latanoprost is a drug with the same active substance, which has a miotic and antiglaucomic effect.

It is appointed by a doctor as an ophthalmologist according to the results of the patient’s examination, is available in all pharmacy chains. Produced by different manufacturers and in different concentrations.

It is an actively used tool that has earned a good reputation due to its high efficiency. The latter is enhanced by the presence of auxiliary substances in the product. These include benzalkonium, dihydrogen phosphate and sodium chloride. In the package there is an instruction with a detailed description of the drops and all the nuances and cautions on their use.

Useful properties

Has a pronounced antiglaucomal and miotic effect. Drops are used to reduce elevated intraocular pressure. This effect is achieved by ensuring the outflow of moisture from the eyeball. Outflow is carried out naturally through the choroid, if this outflow is difficult without using a medicine. The effect of the drug on the hemato-ophthalmic barrier, as well as on the output of moisture, was not observed. When using Latanoprost, the pupil can decrease.

For your information! The pronounced therapeutic effect does not occur immediately, usually after 3-4 hours after the application of drops. The maximum of the action is noted at 8-12 hours and generally operates for at least 24 hours.

Method of application Drops of “Latanoprost” are prescribed by a doctor for instillation into both eyes directly into the conjunctival sac. Drips carefully, one drop. According to the instructions for use the effect of the drug is maintained for 24 hours, repeated intake should be done after 24 hours.

To avoid complications due to the side effects observed after using Latanoprost, it is recommended to conduct the instillation in the evening. If the drug was missed and not performed in a timely manner, the next dose should be the same as usual without increasing the dosage. Doubling the amount of lump-up drug is prohibited.


Eyedrops “Latanoprost” lower intraocular pressure, designated as antiglaucoma and miotic agents.

Note! With these diseases, violations can occur in different parts of the eye:

  • drainage system of CPC; iris (tarnish is possible, the iris of the drainage system is blocked);
  • decreases the outflow of moisture from the anterior chamber;
  • opacity of the cornea;
  • increased pressure in the vitreous body;
  • there is a pathology of the optic nerve disc – its deepening due to the atrophy of the nerves greatly increases.

Side effects

List from most to least common:

> 5-15%: blurred vision, burning and tingling, conjunctival hyperemia, sensation of foreign body, itching, increased iris pigmentation, causing (heterochromia), spot epithelial keratopathy;
4%: cold or upper respiratory tract infection, flu-like syndrome;
1-4%: dryness of the mucous membrane of the eye, lacrimation, pain in the eyes, hardening of the eyelid, edema of the eyelid, erythema (hyperemia) of the eyelid, pain of the eyelid, photophobia;
1-2%: chest pain, allergic skin reactions, arthralgia, back pain, myalgia, thickening of the eyelashes (similar to bimatoprost used in the cosmetic industry as an eyelash growth enhancer);
Concerns about side effects:

Bacterial keratitis: Accidental contamination of several doses of eye drops, can cause bacterial keratitis.
Eye effects: May permanently change / increase the brown pigmentation of the iris, eyelid skin and eyelashes. In addition, it can increase the length and / or number of eyelashes (can vary between eyes); Changes occur slowly and can not be seen for months or years. Long-term effects and the potential for eye trauma are not known.
Eye diseases: Use with caution in patients with intraocular inflammation, aphacic patients, pseudophakic patients with a torn posterior capsular lens or patients with risk factors for macular edema. Safety and efficacy have not been determined for use in patients with occlusive, inflammatory or neovascular glaucoma.

Special Groups

Contains benzalkonium chloride, which can be absorbed by contact lenses; It is necessary to remove the contact lenses prior to the administration of the preparation and the installation 15 minutes after the administration.


Hypersensitivity to latanoprost, benzalkonium chloride or any component of the drug.

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