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Last Updated on May 3, 2024

Acyclovir 200, 400 and 800 mg is offered by most online pharmacies. First study tips about purchasing drugs online, in case you like to purchase Zovirax online.

Acyclovir is a popular antiviral medication used to treat viral infections, such as herpes simplex virus (HSV) and varicella-zoster virus (VZV). This medication is available by prescription only, but some people may want to know where to buy acyclovir over the counter in the UK. Unfortunately, acyclovir is not available over the counter in the UK, as it requires a prescription from a doctor or healthcare professional.

While it may be tempting to try and purchase acyclovir over the counter from other countries or websites, it is important to remember that these products may not be safe or effective. Unscrupulous vendors can sell counterfeit products that may contain harmful substances or be ineffective at treating the intended condition. To ensure that you receive safe and effective treatment for your condition, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional and obtain a prescription for acyclovir.

What is acyclovir?

Acyclovir is one of the best known and most widely used antivirals. It revolutionised the treatment of herpes virus infections after it was patented in 1979th Acyclovir has a good and selective activity. comes Severe Acyclovir side effects of treatment are rare. Here you will find all you need to know about Acyclovir, including information on dosage and administration.

How does aciclovir work?

Viruses consist only of a shell and their long, thread-like genetic material inside. They cannot reproduce themselves. To replicate, they use host cells (such as human cells) that they infect. Once inside the cell, they use the cell’s machinery to reproduce their genetic material. Herpes viruses, such as those that cause cold sores (herpes simplex) and chickenpox (varicella zoster virus), carry an enzyme that ensures rapid replication of the viral genome. As a result, the herpes virus replicates rapidly in the host organism.

The drug acyclovir enters the infected cells, is selectively activated by the viral enzyme and incorporated into the viral genome. Due to its chemical structure, however, no further components can be added to the filamentous viral genome – a process known as “chain termination” of genetic replication. The incomplete genetic material cannot be enclosed in a shell – so no new viruses can be created. Because the drug is not activated in uninfected cells, acyclovir rarely causes serious side effects during treatment.

Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of aciclovir

Once absorbed into the body, the drug is almost completely excreted by the kidneys. About a tenth of the drug is metabolized to a more water-soluble metabolite. After about three to five hours, half of the drug has been excreted.

When is Acyclovir used?

The medicine acyclovir is used to treat infections caused by herpes viruses. These include

  • Cold sores (herpes labialis)
  • Genital Herpes (genital herpes)
  • Shingles (herpes zoster)
  • Neonatal herpes (herpes neonatorum)
  • Inflammation of the brain due to a herpes infection (herpes encephalitis)
  • Herpes-related inflammation of the cornea (herpes keratinitis) or eyelid (herpes blepharitis).
  • Chickenpox (varicella zoster infection) in patients with weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV
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Acyclovir is also used to prevent herpes infections in patients with weakened immune systems, for example before organ transplants or chemotherapy for cancer.

It is used for acute infections, usually for a few days. It can also be used for a long time, sometimes up to twelve months, to prevent recurrent herpes infections or in people with pre-existing conditions.

How aciclovir is taken?

For self-medication, only acyclovir cream is used for cold sores. At the first sign of a cold sore, the cream should be applied to the affected area five times a day, every four hours, even during the “blister” phase. Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after application to prevent further spread of infection. Alternatively, a cotton swab can be used. Treatment should be continued until all blisters are crusted over or healed, which takes four days on average. If you have a longer course of the disease, the cream can be used for longer, up to a maximum of ten days.

Acyclovir tablets are prescribed by a doctor. Acyclovir is taken two to five times a day in doses of 200 to 800 milligrams of the active ingredient.

In addition, Acyclovir ointment is available for the treatment of herpes-related eye infections and Acyclovir infusion solutions are more difficult to treat.

What are the possible side effects of acyclovir?

The Acyclovir side effects at a local treatment (such as the application of Acyclovir cream for cold sores) is very rare. When taking pills occur in one out of ten to one hundred patients treated.

Rare (one out of a thousand to ten thousand patients) also leads to allergic reactions and respiratory distress. When these occur, a doctor should be informed immediately.

What should I watch for while taking Acyclovir?

No clinically relevant interactions have been observed with other drugs.

Most of the active ingredient is excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, in elderly patients with impaired renal function (renal insufficiency), the dose should be adjusted by the doctor.

Since its introduction, no harm to the baby has been documented in a large number of pregnant patients taking acyclovir during pregnancy. Nevertheless, the benefits and risks of treatment should be carefully weighed against each other and assessed on an individual basis before starting treatment. Topical use of acyclovir (e.g. cold sore cream) is safe during pregnancy.

Acyclovir can also be used during breastfeeding if necessary – both externally (such as a cold sore cream) and internally if prescribed by a doctor.

How do I get acyclovir?

For self-medication of cold sores, Acyclovir cream can be bought without a prescription from a pharmacy. For all other uses and forms, an accurate diagnosis must be made by the doctor, which is why the drug is only available on prescription.

How long has acyclovir been on the market?

The drug acyclovir is a further development of antiviral substances produced by the Caribbean sponge Cryptotethya crypta. Scientist Howard Schaffer of the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome made a major contribution to the development and was listed as an inventor on the patent for acyclovir filed in 1979. The scientist Gertrude B. Elion worked with Howard at Burroughs Wellcome and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1988, in part for her work on acyclovir.