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Whether you’ve got a case of the doldrums or you have been diagnosed with depression, the body may hold the keys to fighting with depression.

And once you know how to tap into them, you may be in a position to boost your well-being.

Dopamine, are the brain’s messengers that modulate mood, attention, motivation, and other emotions.

areas of the brain that cause depression.

You need to use your body to fight depression by understanding how these compounds work. No pills needed.


Know that euophoric feeling after an intense work out? Or the contentment you are feeling after sex? It’s possible for you to thank endorphins for all those feelings that are happy. These neurotransmitters are released when you’re under physical or psychological anxiety.

Just how to boost endorphins:

  • Exercise. To get that runner’s “high,” you do not necessarily have to run. Research reveals that a regular aerobic program might be equally as helpful in treating depression as some medicine.
  • Laugh. A recent study done at Oxford University found that having a good old fashioned laugh with buddies releases endorphins, which then enhance mood and societal bond.
  • Indulge in chocolate. You know it, and science has backed it up: Chocolate allows you to feel great. Researchers have found that a bit of the hot chocolate treat can trigger the release of endorphins and boost your disposition.


The neurotransmitter serotonin works to regulate sleep, reduce pain, and boost your mood. You may be at a greater risk for suicide and depression when you’re low on serotonin.

The way to foster serotonin:

  • Believe joyful. Research shows that swapping negative thoughts out for more joyful ones can raise serotonin degrees.
  • Head outside. Natural sunlight can help your body produce more serotonin, so take your fitness outdoors through the day. Or, at minimum, take a daily stroll either each day or early afternoon.
  • Eat smart. Your body converts the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. Load on tryptophan-rich foods like brown rice, turkey cottage cheese, sesame seeds, and peanuts.
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This neurotransmitter connected with the pleasure and benefit center as well as motivation is useful in fighting depression symptoms like anxiety, loss of interest, and withdrawal.

The best way to boost dopamine:

  • Play with your favourite music. Ever wonder why a favored song can give you a rush of pleasurable feelings? Researchers at McGill University report that listening to music you like can result in a release of dopamine.
  • Eat your favourite food. Can’t live without pizza? Your go to foods can also boost levels of dopamine. (Just remember to savor in moderation.)
  • Go for a healthy lifestyle. Booze, poor sleep habits, caffeine, an excessive amount of sugar, and stress can all really deplete your body’s dopamine supplies. Help protect the neurotransmitter by eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

The neurotransmitters acetylcholine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) may additionally play a role in depression. GABA is an amino acid which could ease feelings of nervousness, and both your concentration and your memory could enhance. GABA is found in especially mackerel, fish, and wheat bran. You can get acetylcholine from eating soy, whole wheat, and egg yolks.

Boosting your endorphins and other neurotransmitters may assist you to improve your mood and prevent depression, but don’t discount symptoms of depression like anxiety, hopelessness, and a lack of energy that keeps you from working normally. If symptoms of depression last more than a couple of weeks, talk to your doctor.

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