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Last Updated on May 29, 2016

PerfectionismExactly what are the most crucial questions you should ask yourself

All these are some of the peculiarities of the perfectionist. Asking yourself the way that it may enhance your depression and these questions may give you insight into your own perfectionism.

1. Does your dependence on getting it right interfering with your relationships?

2. Do you criticize others for not doing things right? Driving, speaking, kid rearing?

3. Do you avoid situations that will be fun but where you might seem absurd or incompetent?

4. Is there a critical voice in your head that compares your performance to that of others and finds you lacking?

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5. Are you more “perfect” in public places and an occasionally a “catastrophe” at home?

6. Do the men and women in your life know the real you?

7. Does your worry about errors keep you preoccupied and unable to relax or sleep well?

8. Do you maintain your worries and thoughts to yourself?

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