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Last Updated on April 28, 2023

The blot still exists: “Real men” don’t whine about their physical, mental or emotional problems. They work it out, suck it up or walk away it. Although more men are really seeking professional help to overcome mental health problems, they frequently still feel stigmatized by other guys — mainly by society — as being weak.

Why do not men ask for help?

Historically, boys did not talk about their emotions or ideas, so they failed to develop words to describe their feelings. The inability to name emotions made it problematic for boys to discuss their thoughts with family members or buddies.

Men and boys often blow off most issues as hassles, and try to solve them alone or through a network of relatives and pals. However, some issues may seem too private or overwhelming. Failure to handle the problems may lead to depression.

Signs of melancholy

By becoming workaholics men often hide depression. Other ways of covering up depression may include drinking rage and withdrawal. In reality, many men get to the pinnacle of their careers and understand they don’t have friends or an emotional connection with a spouse or lover. Many do not even recognize they’re depressed. Symptoms of depression may include:

  • feeling more tired each day
  • becoming more irritable
  • becoming isolated
  • feeling less satisfied with sex
  • Behaving in ways their dads did when they were depressed
  • craving alcohol and food
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Finding help

In the event you are having emotional or mental issues, consult with your primary care physician or a professional therapist. Often the signs can be pointed out by a spouse, relative or close friend and suggest resources.

Men’s task groups, for example an evening basketball league, frequently can function as support groups. Once camaraderie are formed by men, after finishing an activity, they often talk about personal matters. Guys that have experienced similar difficulties may discuss their stories, assuring a buddy in demand that asking for help doesn’t mean surrendering manliness.

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