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109, her adored dad expired, a traumatic end she witnessed with her own eyes. At 11 years old, she sent to live with her spiritual grandma was taken in the house she knew, and throw to the fold of her dysfunctional show business family. And whatever others might think of Michael Jackson, he was adored and cherished by his only daughter.

There’s not only one matter that will move anyone to think of –??or act upon ??a plan to take her own life. An attempted suicide could be due to numerous factors.

“Suicidal behavior is a sophisticated interaction of several factors including biology and brain chemistry, present life situations, and family history,” said Kris Bryant, MA, LPC, who works with suicidal children through NorthCare, a community mental health agency in Oklahoma City. “Often times suicidal behaviour is intended to convey something. And it is also a means to cope. Therefore I think everything that is given that she’s been through already as well as the disruption in her family life, it seems sensible that she would have a number of the thoughts and feelings. Hopefully, she’ll manage to get the help she needs going forward.”

The good thing, according to some reports, is that Paris thwarted the attempt herself by calling a suicide hotline that sent an ambulance to her home and reaching out.

Finding Her Voice – And Setting Off Red Flags – In Social Media

After living her life Paris has become active in social media and has started to appear in public more in the last couple of years. She has been sharing opinions to her million followers on Twitter that made some people wonder what was going on in her life. “I wonder why tears are salty,” she posted on June 5.

While she was, in some ways, suffering in silence and never showing the complete magnitude of her pain, psychologists and mental health professionals we talked to noticed some red flags in her behavior, things she discussed and her mode of attire — notably what she was disclosing through what she wore.

“I saw some images of her on-line, and she looked like she had scrape marks or cutting marks on her arms,” said Miguelina German, PhD, research director of the Adolescent Depression and Suicide Program at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. “We know cutting is, in addition, a risk factor for an eventual suicide effort. It is cutting not with intent to kill yourself, but using the intention to self injure. In psychology, we call it ‘non-suicidal self-injury.’ A lot of adolescents self-injure without the intention to kill themselves. They report distinct motives they feel it helps, for example that the physical pain diverts them from your psychological pain.”

In a recent photo, Paris was seen in a Kurt Cobain T-shirt and also a coat with the arms rolled up, exposing her arms. There was likewise a social networking video of Paris saying “Kurt Cobain is Jesus.”

The organization with Kurt Cobain — the lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana known for songs about teen angst and for taking his own life at the height of his career — appears to be both an expression of frustration attempting to reside in the world, in addition to a connection to her dad, another music business star, said Judy Kuriansky, PhD, clinical psychologist, writer, and adjunct psychology professor at Columbia University.

“I was really concerned when I saw a picture of her wearing the Kurt Cobain T-shirt,” said Kuriansky. “His songs were all about adolescent angst and he killed himself — the supreme reflection of getting past the pain.”

Paris Totally Revealed As She Seeks to Make Her Own Identity

The irony of the public life Paris now has is that she was concealed unlike his own childhood because her father said he wanted his children to get private lives — as a child. Showing herself could be a means of finding herself, her own voice, and also her being somewhat rebellious.

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“She’s no longer covered, and it’s the opposite emotionally,” said Kuriansky. “Additionally, she is unexpectedly thrust into an extremely public life, a big change from the way she grew up.”

“No one knew who she was and she was hidden and now it is the opposite — going out there, spilling everything out, and then it leads to a panic attack,” said Kuriansky. “She’s too young to actually incorporate all of this. ‘ First, no one can understand who I am, and I’m frightened to be seen. My dad didn’t let me be seen. Now I am going to spill my beans but I do not actually know who I ‘m.’ The other part of this is the guilt. She adores her daddy, and he kept her hidden. Now it’s the guilt that she’s doing something that her father would disapprove of as well as an inner rebellion. “

Hard to Get Past Depression

Melancholy is a mark for suicidal behaviour. “And it is quite normal for bereavement to turn into longstanding melancholy for a number of children,” said German. While lots of people may have presumed Paris had “cured” from her loss because she was becoming more public, it is an impossible trauma to beat.

Kurianksy pointed out another stressor in Paris’ life: The Jackson family is suing the concert marketing company that managed Michael Jackson’s last tour, AEG. In preparation for the wrongful death suit, Prince, Paris, along with her older sibling, will likely be called to testify. Kuriansky says Paris must go with her attorneys, that are preparing her through practice runs. Chances are of her loss and to trigger painful memories of his death.

“She is 15, and she is in the centre of a mock trial,” said Kuriansky. “I think she is massively confused, depressed, and quite self destructive.”

“She’s probably identifying together with her dad — she adored him — and now the mock trial is happening,” she added. “[A suicide attempt] is a means for her confused mind to unify with her father. [ The trial preparation] is so traumatic for this 15-year-old girl who was 10 or 11 in the time her dad died. So it is animating all her feelings about likely confused feelings about her dad and her father. ”

“All these things put together, to me, clinically spell enormous panic attack and depression, and enormous fears and self destruction,” she said.

Kurianksy made note of a photograph of Paris wearing her dad’s iconic red jacket from the “Thriller” video. “That’s her need to unify along with her dad,” said Kuriansky. On a psychological level, there may be part of her that thinks of dying as a means of being with him, she said.

Obviously, no one has the entire story or most of the facts about Paris Jackson’s state of mind. We can only trust that help is along the way. And her situation is a reminder that families must pay attention when kids begin to show signs of strain, tension, and depression which can lead to self-harm.

“It is common for teens to have these forms of encounter,” said Bryant. “But it’s easy to minimize it and say they they’re just trying to get focus or it’s only teen drama. Oftentimes, for that person who’s coping with it, it feels so much bigger.”

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