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Last Updated on April 28, 2023

Depression is often lurking in the shadows. Most often you think that you are useless if you are depressed. The worse the melancholy, the more you feel this way. Luckily, you are not alone!!

A survey by Dr. Aaron Beck shown that over 80 percent of miserable individuals expressed dislike for themselves. According to Dr. Beck, when you are depressed, you feel “The Four Ds”:

  • Foiled,
  • Flawed,
  • Abandoned, and
  • Deprived.

Additionally, most counselors find that depressed people view themselves as deficient in those qualities of life they most highly value: stamina, achievement, popularity, attractiveness, health and wisdom. And almost all negative emotional reactions cause damage by leading to feelings of low self esteem. As your awareness of worthlessness is a key to your own depression, the manner a therapist handles these feelings of inadequacy is essential to the treatment.

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How are you able to increase your awareness of “value”? You cannot through that which you are doing earn it. Happiness is not got completely by your achievements. Self-value based on accomplishments is “pseudo-esteem”; it’s not the real thing.

Cognitive therapy, as taught by Dr. Beck, refuses to buy into an individual’s sense of worthlessness. Instead, his techniques help individuals address and to comprehend those factors that lead to low self-esteem.


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