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If you're taking enalapril to treat high blood pressure, it's wise to avoid alcohol or to consult your healthcare professional first. Combining enalapril with alcohol can cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and a sudden drop in blood pressure that could affect organs like your heart, kidneys, and brain. To steer clear of potential negative health outcomes, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider before mixing enalapril and alcohol.

It's best to avoid alcohol altogether while taking enalapril to prevent an increase in the medication's blood pressure-lowering effects. You should avoid drinking alcohol for a few hours before taking enalapril to minimize the risk of liver and kidney damage. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

It is not recommended to consume alcohol the night before taking enalapril, as it may increase the risk of side effects such as dizziness and lightheadedness. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions on how to take enalapril and to avoid any substances that may interact with the medication.

The elimination rate of enalapril from the body is approximately 50% per hour.