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Autumn Stress: Why You Can Feel More Stressed This Season

Fall stress is an yearly increase in stress a few people today start to feel throughout the fall months. Experts say a few causes of the stress could be due to starting a new school year, the looming strain of the holiday period, or potential sorrow from not having attained desirable goals during the summertime […]

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‘Bitchy Resting Face’: What That Grumpy Look Truly Means

Charlize Theron may have it. Kristen Stewart (pictured at far left) looks like she’s got it. And lots of people would say Victoria Beckham (right) has it awful. Dermatologists call it “perma frown.” A favorite YouTube video gave it a considerably more “street” name: bitchy resting face, affectionately called BRF. It turns out there are […]

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Health Care System Needs to Do A Lot More to Help Stressed Americans

— Are you stressed out about work? If so, you are part of a whopping 65 percent of Americans who say work is an important supply of stress in their lives, in accordance with the Stress in America report, released by the American Psychological Association (APA) yesterday. That is only one of the numbers that […]

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