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‘Bitchy Resting Face’: What That Grumpy Look Truly Means

Charlize Theron may have it. Kristen Stewart (pictured at far left) looks like she’s got it. And lots of people would say Victoria Beckham (right) has it awful. Dermatologists call it “perma frown.” A favorite YouTube video gave it a considerably more “street” name: bitchy resting face, affectionately called BRF. It turns out there are […]

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Varieties of Depression Unique to Girls

depressed girl

As well as the leading forms of girls also suffer from unique kinds of depression due to their particular physiology and hormones. Estrogen, the “female sex hormone,” impacts more than 300 functions in a woman’s body including regulating menstrual cycles, shielding the heart and keeping strong bones. The fluctuating rates of estrogen during menopause, pregnancy […]

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