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David Blistein Discusses His Journey Through the Dark Wood of Melancholy


David Blistein says that at various times in his life he has been depressed, manic, hypomanic, dysphoric, bipolar, cyclothymic, and agitated — and that he has “tried everything” to snap out of it and get stabilized. From medications whiskey to spirituality, to massage, he has spent a good part of his life attempting to quell […]


Father’s Depression May Rub Off on Kid’s Behaviour

Most prior studies have focused on the and miserable mothers negative impact their melancholy can have on children, according to the research workers from the NYU School of Medicine. The current study involved data on more than 7,200 U.S. families. About 25 percent of children whose mother and father showed indications of depression had Mental […]


Recognizing Depression in Older Adults

It’s estimated that one in five Americans 65 years of age or older have some type of depression. But since it’s sometimes not easy to distinguish between depression and other illnesses that are typical in elderly adults, for example dementia, depression often goes unrecognized. It’s not, although some people believe that depression is a normal […]


The 7 Biggest Antidepressant Problems, Solved

You’ve began treating your depression and then find that you’re still wrestling using several negative effects that are annoying or catchy-to-treat symptoms. One in every 10 people in America is with depressant drugs becoming prescribed to middle aged Americans more than any other medicine, according to a recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, on […]


Why Are So Many Gay Teens Depressed?

Life is stressful for just about any teenager — there’s homework, after-school activities, which all important social scene to juggle. But if you’re homosexual, a lesbian, bisexual, or transgender adolescent, teen-neighborhood gets even more challenging — and studies show it may be a huge contributor to depression. What tends to make or break a homosexual […]


Insurance Depression Treatment and Changes

Mental health problems like anxiety and depression are conditions that need and benefit from treatment. However, for years, many patients who received treatment for depression or alternative ailments through group health insurance plans were frequently saddled with greater out-of-pocket expenses than they might have been for other types of illnesses. “In a lot of cases, […]